Parish Council Meetings



Monday 5th October 2020

Monday 2nd November 2020

Monday 7th December 2020

Monday 4th January 2021

Monday 1st February 2021

Monday 1st March 2021

Monday 12th April 2021

Monday 10th May 2021 (AGM 7pm)


All meetings commence at 7.30pm unless otherwise stated.


Welcome to Wetwang Parish Council.



Parish Council meetings

NALC and SLCC strongly advise local councils to continue to meet remotely, without the need for face to face contact. 

Local councils have the powers to hold public meetings remotely by using video or telephone conferencing technology until May 2021 and so most councils will have no need to meet in person. Furthermore, local councils have the duty to allow the public to observe council meetings without placing restrictions on the number attending, which many council meeting venues will not be able to accommodate in a safe way at this time.

Wetwang Parish Council have agreed to hold their meetings via MS Teams until the end of 2020 at which point we will reassess the situation. This decision was made to protect our Councillors and Members of the Public who may wish to join us. If you would like the electronic link to the meeting please contact the Clerk.